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2018  Kayaking, River Rescue

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Single Session Programme.

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Below is our regularly updated booking table.  There are a maximum of 12  

              students to a session.


Choose a date with a space that you wish your child to participate on.  Then complete and submit the "Request a Booking" section on the left.


We will then update our Booking Table and you will receive a welcome e mail which will include joining Instructions.


All of our staff are enthusiastic volunteers however the Charity has to fund the hire of the pool each Saturday session costing  £76 which equates to £6.30 per child.


If you can help us by meeting the cost of your child's place please make a donation by simply clicking on the tab below.

Want to book a party or private session.

Click on the tab below for more info.  


The pool sessions are held at the Evesham Leisure Centre

From 4.40pm to 6.30pm


The Children’s Kayak Charitable Trust :- Session Planner 2018 .



These are the remaining availabe dates and spaces out of the 44 sessions that we complete.






17,                          12 Spaces