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Single Session Programme Sponsor

The Charity is actively searching for a sponsor of this aspect of our community engagement.


To run the pool session what does it cost ?


The 2019 pool fees are £76 each week


A new poolside T-shirt for our 40 strong team members costs the charity £737.10 (£18.45 each)


This means without a Sponsor behind us we need to raise a total of  £3876.10


To be a Sole sponsor for 1 year…. we would require a pledge of 75% of this cost.



             This would secure you as our Sole      

                   Session sponsor for year 1


 If you then wanted to continue your support, each year      

        the outlay would be reduced as shown below.



 £2000.00 would secure you for year 2


            £1500.00 would secure you for year 3


                          £1000.00  would secure you for year 4



    If you would like to discuss this opportunity please    

              contact David Shortell, Chairperson

                            on 07947 382886

                 Or email:-



If your company can help, the below information is the amount of financial assistance that we are hoping to secure.